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Welcoming 2017 Australia Awards Scholarship awardee to Aviation Australia

Aviation Australia has welcomed a 2017 Australia Awards Scholarship recipient, Royce Detabene from Nauru, in November 2017.

The Australia Awards Scholarship program is offered through the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and provides the opportunity for people from developing countries to undertake full-time study at participating Australian training providers.

“Aviation Australia is honoured to be one of the few Vocational and Educational Training (VET) providers participating in the Australia Awards Scholarship program. We have received a number of high quality students through the program over the past 5 years,” said Mark Thompson, Technical Training Manager at Aviation Australia.

Royce was awarded the scholarship late last year, commencing his studies with Aviation Australia in November 2017. He began his training with a brief introductory program, before commencing his Diploma of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering – B1.1 Mechanical course in January 2018.

Royce was inspired to apply for the scholarship through Aviation Australia after hearing of many successful engineering graduate stories.

“Most of the scholarship graduates are now working within the aviation industry in their home country and are great ambassadors for Aviation Australia and the Australia Awards Scholarship program,” shared Mark Thompson.

With previous plans to become a pilot, Royce developed his passion for aircraft maintenance engineering after undertaking a traineeship with a renowned Nauru airline in 2016.

“I applied for the Australia Award Scholarship program because I developed an innate passion to become an aircraft maintenance engineer. My family could not afford to fund my tuition fee on top of the cost of living expenses, so I found this scholarship and was lucky enough to get it,” shared Royce Detabene.

Royce is thoroughly enjoying his studies at Aviation Australia, undertaking many training practicals in the onsite operational hangars.

“It is a fun experience training at Aviation Australia, I’m really looking forward to tackling some adventurous and challenging practicals that are coming up in my course,” said Royce Detabene.

Further information Australia Awards Scholarships can be found on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website:

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