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Victoria training provides practical study solutions

Aviation Australia established training facilities at Essendon Fields to help fill a gap in the market and support the growing demand for maintenance training in Victoria.

James Glavocih was one of the first apprentice students to commence the Diploma of Aeroskills at the Essendon Fields location. Starting his study in 2018, James has now completed his Diploma and successfully obtained his CASA Part 66 B1 Licence. We always enjoy receiving feedback from students and hearing about their experience while studying with us.

Aircraft technichian

James Glavocih

“As I commenced my training as an apprentice in 2015 with my employer, we had great difficulties trying to find a school to complete my required training for my cert IV outcome. I tried enrolling into a couple of institutes but was not able to successfully start due to their unrealistic expectations to complete it during my own time away from work. This was very unpractical for Melbourne apprentices to be able to achieve on top of their workload.

To my luck Aviation Australia was opening a facility with a Diploma of Aeroskills, I enrolled as the first student to undertake this course at the beginning of 2018.

I was not alone in this journey, I had great assistance from Aviation Australia and their employees with the enrolment and planning. Adrian Lane, and Megan Gilbert were in contact with me daily.

The diploma course commenced with a class of around 8-10 students, it was very intense to begin with and I found it to be quite challenging. Highlighting the areas where there was room for improvements in my study skills and methods. The diploma course required one hundred percent commitment in order to complete all the requirements. These included completing my journal, attending all classes, and passing all required exams with over 75% all within a total of 4 years.

I was able to complete this all within just over two years, so for any new students wondering if this is possible to complete in four years then I advise it most definitely is. Although I did need to sacrifice most of my social time in order to study efficiently to pass with the required marks. This diploma is not about who is the most academic it is about who is the most driven and determined to complete their B1 or B2 apprenticeship with a licensed AME outcome.

Looking back at my time sacrificed and the tremendous efforts headaches and tears I am very grateful and honoured to have completed all the requirements successfully through Aviation Australia in Melbourne. Thanks to their progressive training methods I now have received my Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License and could not be happier with the outcome”.

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