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Three engineering students offered employment prior to graduation

On 08 February, 2018 Aviation Australia acknowledged the achievements of two graduating classes who are now embarking on their careers in aircraft maintenance engineering. The Mechanical 2-17 and AACE 1-16 class were the two graduating classes.

The Mechanical 2-17 class successfully completed the knowledge requirements, combined with some practical task training which were both necessary in acquiring a Certificate IV in Aeroskills. This certification is the foundation of their employment as apprentices in the industry.

Exemplifying the employment outcome success of aircraft maintenance engineers; three students from the graduating classes have already secured employment with Aviation Components and Pacific Turbines.

There are another six vacancies, with other graduating Aviation Australia students at the forefront of the hiring process.

Throughout the graduation, the students and their parent’s spoke highly of the staff and world-class facilities at Aviation Australia, which was appreciated with a campus tour at the completion of the graduation.

The international AACE 1-16  class provided successful students with a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approved basic training course outcome, which was well received by the international students.

With the students from the AACE Diploma course predominantly originating from Malaysia, they were excited and proud to achieve this approved outcome, as it allows them to receive a three-year reduction in further overall experience toward their Mechanical B1.1 EASA category basic licence.

“From an employment perspective, this places these students as highly sought after candidates for many maintenance organisations globally,” said Mark Thompson, Aviation Australia Technical Training Manager.

The EASA approved qualification is widely accepted, particularly in Asian and Middle Eastern Maintenance Repair Organisations (MRO), where the industry is growing rapidly.

The support and quality of the overall training experience was highly appreciated by the graduating students and their parents, as well as the pastoral assistance provided by our highly qualified and experienced team.

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