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Team Member of the Year


The 2018 Aviation Australia Team Member of the Year was awarded last month. For the first time ever, it was awarded to two outstanding individuals – Cindy Douran, Cabin Crew Instructor, and David Moffat, Technical Assessment Officer.

Cindy Douran delivered amazing results across a range of responsibilities in 2018. She is the senior Flight Safety Training instructor, delivering not only the Cabin Crew course but also specialized training such as aviation fire fighting and E-74A Egress Training. Cindy received a 98% satisfaction rate from her cabin crew students throughout the year. The feedback from industry clients was also excellent.

In addition, Cindy also played a key role in developing Aviation Australia’s Flight Safety consultancy capabilities. She worked tirelessly with an external client who was undergoing the process to receive their AOC from CASA. The customer provided feedback on Cindy’s high level of professionalism and her ‘can do’ attitude. Yes, some tasks were difficult- but ultimately Cindy got it done.

She remained flexible and an excellent ambassador for AA. This led to a similar project with another client who have been extremely impressed with her training. A pilot with more than 10 years service in the Airforce said he has learnt more on Emergency Procedures through 2.5 days with Cindy than he did in his time with the Airforce.

David Moffat is often on the road meeting with airline companies and their apprentices in his role as a Technical Assessment Officer. He has been recognised for his proactive approach in embracing customer satisfaction. He often goes the extra mile to meet customer’s needs by showing great flexibility to align with their availability. David has received considerable positive feedback from his apprentice employers, such as this one:

“Dave is currently on site and has spent time with our apprentice and our senior engineering team.  We all agree that he is an excellent presenter and certainly knows his stuff!   This has added so much value and everyone has learnt something from their time with him”

David as also introduced several initiatives that have improved the way we work.  to improve client satisfaction and efficiency, such as trialling remote IT access whilst doing apprentice journal reviews.  His can do attitude, willingness to be flexible and ability to proudly promote Aviation Australia as the training provider of choice nationally have all contributed toward his recognition for this award.

We recognise the contributions David and Cindy have made to Aviation Australia and congratulate them on this award.

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