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Team Member of the Year awarded to Geoff Leek

With the New Year fast approaching, it’s the time in 2017 when Aviation Australia appoints a valued team member the outstanding award of Team Member of the Year.

This year, mechanical engineering instructor, Geoff Leek won the award for his excellent work ethic, faultless expertise, continuous motivation and outstanding achievements.

“Geoff is a well-respected team member with great technical and regulatory knowledge,” shared an Aviation Australia employee.

“He consistently accepts new challenges and has the ability to adapt his training delivery to the ever changing audience he is facing here in Australia as well as overseas, which is reflected in customer feedback and the results his classes achieve.”

Over the past year Geoff has travelled internationally to deliver training on behalf of Aviation Australia, one example being his recent visit to Los Angeles, United States of America to deliver training to a valued industry partner.

“Some of the engineers failed one of the examinations in LAX which could not be re-sat in the time-frames Geoff was there. After the training had been delivered and Geoff returned to Australia, he actually travelled back to LA on vacation and volunteered to run a re-sit examination session for the engineers on his last day of vacation,” shared another Aviation Australia employee.

Geoff Leek is a valued employee of Aviation Australia, becoming the industry go-to guy and known throughout the company for his can-do attitude.

Geoff’s vital contribution to the company’s success supports Aviation Australia to deliver quality training and continue developing their international footprint.







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