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Skills Recognition | Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Aviation Australia offers an opportunity to have recognition of prior learning (RPL) of previous studies, qualifications and experience assessed for certification against the below courses.

  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer trade (Aeroskills) qualifications/competencies
  • CASR Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence category/sub-categories
  • A – (Mechanical) sub-categories 1-4 – fixed or rotary-wing aircraft with gas turbine or piston engines
  • B1.1 – (Mechanical) fixed-wing aircraft with gas turbine engines,
  • B1.2 – (Mechanical) fixed-wing aircraft with piston engines,
  • B1.3 – (Mechanical) rotary-wing aircraft with gas turbine engines,
  • B1.4 – (Mechanical) rotary-wing aircraft with piston engines,
  • B2 – (Avionics) fixed and rotary-wing aircraft

If you are not a qualified aircraft maintenance engineer but are seeking pathways to the industry then please visit our Aeroskills Training section.

Please click on the titles below for more information and enrolment links.

Gaining a CASR Part 66 B Category Licence diagram

CASR Part 66 B1 (Mechanical) Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence

CASR Part 66 B2 (Avionics) Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence

CASR Part 66 A Licence

CASR Part 66 B1 and B2 Category Licence Exclusion Removal

DASR Part 66 MAML Category Licence Exclusion Removal

Certificate III in Aircraft Surface Finishing (MEA30118)

Certificate IV in Aeroskills Mechanical (MEA40718)

Certificate IV in Aeroskills Avionics (MEA40618)

Certificate IV in Aeroskills Structures (MEA41318)

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