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Pilot Aptitude Testing

Pilot in flight simulator

Explore your potential to become a professional pilot

Pilot aptitude testing assists potential pilots in conducting due diligence, prior to deciding their future career choices. Investment in flying training is a major decision for individuals and their families, with many candidates forced to take a loan to pay for flight training. Undertaking pilot aptitude testing beforehand will help you understand and assess your suitability for flight training.  Sound results build confidence and enhance motivation for choosing a career as a professional pilot.

  • Many aspects of pilot aptitude are innate but certain important skills can be improved. Candidates receive positive feedback on areas that can be potentially improved.
  • Aviation Australia uses the well proven COMPASS © computer based pilot aptitude testing system and the Checklist Professional Profile © personality inventory system currently in use worldwide by airlines, the military, universities, major flight schools and many other aircraft operators.
  • Individual results from the comprehensive battery of tests are printed in an easy to understand format, allowing immediate assessment of an individual’s aptitude for flight training.
  • Well over 20,000 candidates from around the world have undertaken the COMPASS © tests and there are high levels of correlation with success in flight training. For around the price of just one hour of flying, these tests represent a highly cost-effective way of indicating suitability for flight training.
  • Tests are available to individuals and enquiries are welcome from companies seeking assistance in their pilot selection and recruitment.

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