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Part 66 Examinations

Covid-19 Update: Aviation Australia examinations are still running at all locations.

Aviation Australia is approved to conduct CASR and EASA Part 66 Basic Knowledge Examinations for A and B Category Licences.

Multi-Choice Question examinations are delivered via a computer based program in all approved locations, essay examinations are paper-based.

Part 66 examinations are conducted in accordance with a prescriptive Examination Standard which is laid out in the respective Competent Authority’s regulations.  The standards include but are not limited to:

  • Multi-Choice Question (MCQ) format for all modules with a single question, three multi-choice answers
  • Essay questions for modules 7, 9 and 10
  • MCQ examinations have a prescriptive number of questions per module which may differ between categories/sub-categories of licence
  • The examinations are time based; MCQ examinations are based on a nominal average of 75 seconds (1.25 minutes) per question, essay questions are 20 minutes in length
  • The pass mark is 75% for MCQ and essays
  • If you fail an examination then you cannot resit for at least 90 days except in the case of the MTO delivering a course of remediation for the failed topics then you may resit after 30 days (remedial is only available for students attending instructor-led courses)
  • The maximum number of consecutive attempts for each module is three.  Further sets of three attempts are allowed with a 12 month waiting period between sets
  • Once passed, examination credits have an individual 10 year life towards the application of a licence

Part 66 examinations are based on Aviation Australia’s current courseware, available via our Learning Management System (DOTS). We strongly recommend that you always access the latest version of the courseware online when studying for examinations – we do not recommend using printed versions as this may not be up to date and contain all current material you may be examined on.

Please see the below tables, detailing the modules applicable for the category/sub-category of licences as well as links to the respective Examination Standards.


All examinations bookings close on the respective dates at Close of Business (Brisbane Time/Eastern Standard Time)

Brisbane and Cairns: Examination booking requests must be booked at least 7 days in advance of the advertised session.  No late bookings will be accepted.

Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Parafield and Darwin: Examination booking requests must be booked at least 14 days in advance of the advertised session.  No late bookings will be accepted.


Changes for examinations from 1 January 2021:

  • Examinations have a set fee per module/subject – they will no longer be calculated by hour.
  • Bookings must be paid in full before a seat is confirmed for an examination session. After your online booking is received –  an email will be forwarded with the information required to make payment to Aviation Australia
  • When payment is received in the Aviation Australia account, confirmation be emailed to your nominated email address within 3 working days.

View the 2021 examination pricing schedule. Examination sessions offered at an external location (i.e. ASPEQ) may attract a booking fee.

Read the Examination Booking Terms and Conditions.

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CASR Part 66 Basic Knowledge Modules

EASA Part 66 Basic Knowledge Modules

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