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Part 66 Self-Study Training Material

Aviation Australia’s Part 66 Self-Study Training Material can be purchased, accessed and studied via our online Learning Management System (LMS) called DOTS.

Please click here to create a DOTS account and start studying or you can view the Training Material price list here 

Part 66 examinations are based on Aviation Australia’s current courseware, available via our Learning Management System (DOTS). We strongly recommend that you always access the latest version of the courseware online when studying for examinations – we do not recommend using printed versions as this may not be up to date and contain all current material you may be examined on.

The Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence framework has separate categories and sub-categories:

  • A – (Mechanical) sub-categories 1 to 4 – fixed or rotary-wing aircraft with gas turbine or piston engines
  • B1.1 – (Mechanical) fixed-wing aircraft with gas turbine engines,
  • B1.2 – (Mechanical) fixed-wing aircraft with piston engines,
  • B1.3 – (Mechanical) rotary-wing aircraft with gas turbine engines,
  • B1.4 – (Mechanical) rotary-wing aircraft with piston engines,
  • B2 – (Avionics) fixed and rotary-wing aircraft

Each category/sub-category has a prescriptive modular-based theory syllabus known as the “Basic Knowledge Modules” with a matching prescriptive “Examination Standard”.  Please see the below tables for a breakdown of the modularisation.

CASR Part 66 Basic Knowledge Modules

EASA Part 66 Basic Knowledge Modules

You can book Part 66 examinations/essays at any of our approved locations online here