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Mechanical Instructor awarded licence

Recently, Aviation Australia’s Mechanical Instructor Denis Moore was awarded his B1.1 licence from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. It’s been a long time coming as Denis has been interested in a career in aviation since 2003 when a fellow automotive mechanic switched cars for aircraft and travelled around the world working on many aircraft types.

Denis then started his journey in Aviation in 2011 where he completed the theory for the Certificate IV in Aeroskills – Mechanical at Aviation Australia then applied to become an Apprentice. He finished his apprenticeship and gained his Certificate IV in Aeroskills as well as his Certificate IV in Training and Assessment with Aviation Australia in 2014 and has been instructing students and industry customers since. He’s now completed the further studies and practical required to obtain his Diploma of Aeroskills and gain his CASA Licence which has been a delight to watch for his peers.

It’s taken Denis 8 years to become licenced, stating, “It’s been a tough journey, but a lot of people here have given me the confidence and motivation to chase it. Charlie Mifsud has been a close friend and mentor to me since he started, his guidance and belief in me helped tremendously.”

Having a licence won’t change his primary role at Aviation Australia but it will allow him to assist the other licenced aircraft maintenance engineers in certifying for work in our approved maintenance organisation (CASA CAR 30). Being licenced also provides Denis with more confidence when delivering training to industry customers.

We congratulate Denis on gaining his B1 licence.

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