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Jet Introduction Course and Jet Orientation Course

Aviation Australia offers a 1 day Jet Introduction or a 3 day Jet Orientation course, which are tailored to your specific experience, needs and timing.

The Jet Introduction and Jet Orientation courses have been developed with the Jet Operational Competencies in mind. The transition from the operation of single-pilot propellor driven aircraft utilised in basic commercial pilot training is a complex and demanding one. The Jet Introduction and Jet Orientation Courses is squarely aimed at introducing and developing the basic technical competencies required to underpin completion of the Multi-Crew Cooperation Course.

During the 3 day Jet Orientation course students will be given a wide range of operational scenarios providing a valuable introduction to the various procedures, systems and flight management controls of a twin engine jet, as well as invaluable handling experience.

The course structure involves the following topics:

  • Transitioning to jet aircraft operations
  • Aircraft systems
    • Auxiliary Power Unit
    • Electrics
    • Fire Protection
    • Flight Controls
    • Flight Instruments
    • Fuel Systems
    • Hydraulics
    • Landing Gear & Brakes
    • Navigation System
    • Power Plant
    • Abnormal Engine Conditions
    • Warning Systems
    • Weather Radar

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