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Large number of aeroskills graduates gain apprenticeships

Alex Carroll is now an Apprentice Aircraft Maintenance Engineer – mechanical at Air Gold Coast

In the past 18 months there has been a large increase in the number of employers seeking Aeroskills apprentices, allowing many Aviation Australia graduates to be placed within different Maintenance and Repair Organisations, major airlines, corporate and general aviation.

Exemplifying the employment outcome success of our Certificate IV in Aeroskills course; many students who have graduated in the last six months have already secured apprenticeships with highly regarded companies such as Qantas, Airbus, Northrop Grumman, QG Air, Air Gold Coast, Aeropower, Skytrans, Ansett Aviation Training, Asia Pacific Aerospace and McDermott Aviation.

“It’s fantastic to see the increase in apprentices in mechanical and avionics across Queensland, especially as we need a more skilled workforce to offset the projected aircraft maintenance engineer shortage,” says Technical Training Manager, Mark Thompson.

Employers looking for apprentices often seek Aviation Australia graduates as their initial aviation maintenance training education has already been completed thanks to the Queensland Government funded Institutional Aeroskills program.

This allows them to be full-time employees and further block release training is not required. Students completing this program attend all the theory classes and also complete basic hand skills training to equip them for successful entry into the workforce.

Alex Carroll gained an apprenticeship at Air Gold Coast before he graduated in November 2018. Alex describes how his study at Aviation Australia helped him secure his apprenticeship.

“Completing the aeroskills course before starting my apprenticeship put me in a better position by allowing me to have a greater understanding of working around aircraft and using correct procedures to complete tasks,” says Alex.

The Aviation Australia Employment Services team send out vacancies on a regular basis to current and graduating students who are often at the forefront of the hiring process.

“Aviation Australia is always there to support you when it comes to securing a job opportunity. During my studies I constantly received emails about resume workshops and job opportunities” Alex mentioned.

The support doesn’t stop once an apprentice is hired. If chosen as the Supervising Registered Training Organisation, Aviation Australia works with the employer and apprentice to create a Training Plan and journal and provides support and assessment for the apprentice to fulfil the practical requirements of the qualification.

“Once I started my apprenticeship, Aviation Australia was clear and very helpful in answering any questions I had about my journal and any other concerns I had” says Alex about his experience.

Aviation Australia also conducts onsite visits and issues qualifications. Currently managing over 260 apprentices in Queensland and more than 100 others across Australia, Aviation Australia is supporting the exponential growth in recent years.

For more information about our alumni, visit our Engineering Student Success Stories page.

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