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Former graduate of Aviation Australia – awarded the Jeppesen Aircraft Maintenance (Avionics) Scholarship.

Jack Moody a former graduate of Aviation Australia was recently awarded the Jeppesen Aircraft Maintenance (Avionics) Scholarship.

The Jeppesen scholarship is awarded to one outstanding apprentice each year based on their academic progress, course attendance, progress in and contribution to the work place and any special awards or achievements.

“Jack’s value and potential as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME), is evident through his well-written and efficiently presented work and completing practical experience against competency units. His positive attitude and enthusiasm are contagious,” said Andrew Webb, Aviation Australia Technical Assessment Officer and Apprentice Coordinator.

Jack began his apprenticeship with Bristow Defence Industries in 2016 and has attended Aviation Australia for his theory studies towards his Certificate IV in Aeroskills – Avionics which he is expected to finish in March 2019.

The Jeppesen Aviation Scholarship is intended to encourage the continuing education of one promising Aircraft Maintenance Engineer each year who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to the aviation industry.

“As you can imagine I am pretty chuffed to be awarded something like that and no doubt the awarded funds will help me with further avionics study and much more,” Jack said.

Succeeding in being the winning applicant of such a sought after award is an amazing achievement and is attributed to a lot of work and determination. Congratulations Jack we wish you all the best for the future.

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