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Former Avionics student chosen as spokesperson for FNQ Apprentice Roadshow

Curtis Midgley, former student at Cairns Aviation Australia was welcomed as a spokesperson at the Far North Queensland Apprentice Roadshow. The roadshow was hosted by the Queensland Government Department of Employment, Small Business and Training.

The team visited nine schools across the Far North Queensland region, providing high school students with the opportunity to discover Vocational Education and Training (VET) pathways. Curtis was one of three highly successful, award-winning trainees to present.

Curtis spoke about his time studying his Certificate IV in Aeroskills, Avionics at Aviation Australia, as well as his current job at renowned aerospace organisation, Hawker Pacific.

“Curtis was an amazing representative for Aviation Australia and the aircraft maintenance engineering career pathway,” said Cindy Perry, Regional Planning Officer, Queensland Government Department of Employment, Small Business and Training.

As well as creating awareness of Aviation Australia’s course offering, the roadshow provided a great opportunity to educate high school students on the avionics profession.

“Most people probably don’t realise how vital an avionics engineer is in making an aircraft fly,” said Curtis.

“Modern aircraft heavily depend on electronics in their communications, navigation and auto flight systems, to name a few. It’s imperative that an avionics engineer does their job correctly.”

Curtis spoke very highly of his time at Aviation Australia and the support the school provided when it came to finding a job in the industry.

“Coupled with the wealth of knowledge provided by Aviation Australia staff, the school helped out greatly when it came to job seeking through their weekly job advertisement emails, interview preparation and resume writing,” said Curtis.

Curtis has plans to continue inspiring youth interested in a career in aviation, and has prospects of becoming a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer at Hawker Pacific.

Curtis Midgley presenting at FNQ Apprentice Roadshow

Pearl Foster (North Queensland Land Council) & Curtis Midgley

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