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Cabin Crew Study Tours

Cabin Crew Study Tours

Aviation Australia’s Cabin Crew Study Tours provide a unique opportunity for students to experience an advanced, modern and independent Cabin Crew Training Facility, located within the Brisbane Airport precinct.

The Study Tours are aviation focused and practical components can be tailored to specific training requirements. Programs are delivered in an operational cabin crew practical hall, housing an extensive range of door trainers and cabin simulators, including:

  • Boeing 737, 747, 767 & 777
  • Airbus A320 & A330
  • Bombardier Dash 8 door and emergency exit training devices

Students can also experience the slide descent concourse, smoke and fire trainer, and a range of rafts within the wet pool environment.

Aviation Australia’s study tour program focuses on Aviation English and related terminology. This is specifically designed to teach English communications skills to potential cabin crew and help them achieve a sound level of Aviation English proficiency.

The Study Tours are usually 1-20 days duration and have a maximum capacity of 18 students.