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Flight Attendant graduate promoted to Cabin Manager at Alliance Airlines

Aviation Australia graduate Olivia Hamilton

Flight attendant graduate, Olivia Hamilton has recently been promoted to Cabin Manager at Alliance Airlines.

Olivia graduated from Aviation Australia in early 2017 and attended an Alliance Airlines recruitment day in the last week of the course which securing her a position in ground school following her graduation.

Her skills in time management, organisation, forward thinking and problem solving helped her to land the promotion after only 12 months of being employed by Alliance Airlines.

“Olivia was an excellent student at Aviation Australia. She’s very approachable and hard working so it doesn’t surprise me that she was promoted so quickly,” said Cindy Douran, Flight Attendant Instructor at Aviation Australia.

Olivia acknowledged that her time spent at Aviation Australia was instrumental in helping her secure her career with Alliance Airlines.

“The Aviation Australia course made me airline ready, which meant that when I started ground school, I was already ahead of the pack. It equipped me with the knowledge and skills to confidently take on the challenges of ground school,” said Olivia.

“It also helped me develop my grooming and interpersonal skills. I know that without the course and support of the instructors, I wouldn’t have been able to secure this role so easily.”

As Alliance Airlines are a charter company, it means Olivas’ routes vary constantly which provides the opportunity to meet many interesting passengers who all are travelling for different reasons.

“No two days are the same and I love the view from my ‘office’ window”

Olivia’s advice to aspiring Flight Attendants is to make sure you’re properly prepared for a recruitment day by researching the company and practising interview questions.

“Don’t be disheartened if you get knocked back a few times because it is a hard industry to get into. Make sure you wear your best smile and be confident in yourself and your abilities.”

Aviation Australia wishes to congratulate Olivia on her recent promotion and wishes her the best of luck with her future.

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