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CASR Part 66 B2 to B1.1 Licence Practical Competency Training

Category: Engineering TrainingSkills RecognitionUpskilling Available For: Domestic Students

Training towards a B1.1 licence from an already granted B2 licence is a fairly painless process and Aviation Australia can offer you world-class practical training to get compliant for the application of the licence sought.

The practical competency training and assessment that Aviation Australia can offer you in Brisbane is truly innovative and world-leading.  With an instructor to student ratio of 1:4, it is designed in a modularised “block” fashion with week-blocks of competency training and assessment so you can spread the training over a time-frame that suits you.  The beauty about this method is that before and after the blocks of training, you are going back in to the work-force and may have the provision to work on the required competencies on-the-job, therefore achieving competency faster, potentially reducing your block-training requirements.  Some engineers may need 2 weeks of training, some may need 6; it is entirely dependent on your background, evidence and aptitude.  The whole process is very tailored, dynamic and flexible.

NOTE:  The pre-cursors to attending the practical competency training and assessment  are:

  1. You need to have enrolled in to, and had a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment against the CASR Part 66 B1.1 Licence/Aeroskills competencies.  This can be completed on the RPL section of our website.
  2. You need to have completed the required basic knowledge for the B1.1 licence.

Please note that to complete the practical competency training and assessment for all MEAs detailed in the course outline will require “Week A” course + “B1.1 Week B” course.

“Week A” contains the following MEAs (MEA323,MEA325, MEA328, MEA339 & MEA365)

“B1.1 Week B” contains the following MEAs (MEA148, MEA208, MEA219, MEA209, MEA222, MEA398, MEA303, MEA305, MEA306, MEA317, MEA318, MEA 319, MEA320, MEA321, MEA322, MEA307 and MEA315)

* In certain circumstances additional training may be required to complete all of the MEAs contained in the course.

Click here to download the CASR Part 66 B2 to B1.1 Information Sheet

*Please note full applicable course fees, confirmed at time of enrolment, will apply – no refunds will be issued for early completion.  


Course Dates:

Start: 19 October 2020
End: 23 October 2020
Duration: "Week A" - 5 Days - $2,250 Type: P
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Start: 26 October 2020
End: 30 October 2020
Duration: "B1.1 Week B" - 5 Days - $2,250 Type: P
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Course Types: P = Practical T = Theory C = Combined