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Technical Training Centre

Technical Training Centre

Aviation Australia’s Technical Training Centre features a fully operational hangar with a wide range of static aircraft and an industry standard operating environment.

Engineering students train on fixed and rotary winged aircraft, using the latest training aides and equipment, ensuring the proper assimilation of both theory and practical skills.


The following aircraft are invaluable training aids that allow students to learn and carry out actual repairs and maintenance on real aircraft under the supervision of licensed and fully accredited training staff.

Fokker F28

A short range jet airliner, (Twin Rolls Royce Spey engines), which is a forerunner of the Fokker 70 and Fokker 100 aircraft widely used in current airline fleets.

Boeing 727

Narrow body trijet (Pratt & Whittney JT8D engines) and forerunner of the still current Boeing 737 narrow body jet airliner.

Beechcraft Kingair

There are 2 of these twin turboprops in our hangar, one of which has a state of the art Garmin glass cockpit.

Piper Navajo

Twin Lycoming piston engine aircraft still in wide service worldwide in general aviation.

Cessna Citation

An American built 500 Eagle VIP private jet with 2 turbine engines.

Robinson R44

A four seat, light helicopter still in production and in wide service across general aviation. Our hangar aircraft has a state of the art glass cockpit fitted.

Sikorsky S-76

The Sikorsky S-76 is an American medium-size commercial utility helicopter, manufactured by the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation. The S-76 features twin turboshaft engines, four-bladed main and tail rotors and retractable landing gear.


Sheet Metal Workshop

Students learn and develop practical and technical skills needed to repair aircraft structures including airframe, wing and fuselage.

Avionics Workshop

Students learn practical skills including use of avionics test equipment, avionics fault finding, repair of electronic components and circuitry.

Composite Workshop

Students practice and develop the necessary skills and techniques for the maintenance of new composite materials such as carbon fiber and kevlar used in modern aircraft manufacture.

Engine Workshop

Students work on actual aircraft engines, including large turbofans, to learn and practice engine maintenance and repair procedures.

Technical Library

Houses aircraft maintenance manuals for all Aviation Australia hangar aircraft and allows students to learn the correct use of maintenance manuals as required for the repair, service and maintenance of aircraft.

Contact details

25 Boronia Road
Brisbane International Airport
PO Box 1038 Eagle Farm QLD 4009

Phone: (07) 3860 0900
Fax:  (07) 3860 0911