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Cabin Crew Career Training | Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Cabin Crew Employment and Preparation Courses?

The cabin crew employment course is a short two week course to introduce you to the aviation industry, the role of cabin crew, recruitment and interview techniques and how to get the all-important flight attendant look. This course also includes first aid and responsible service of alcohol certificates – a necessary requirement to work as cabin crew in Australia.

The cabin crew preparation course includes all of the two week course as well as extensive practical training in the flight safety training centre. Learn how to use emergency equipment and undertake an evacuation, practice inflight service and build your knowledge of human factors in aviation operations. The course is four weeks of face to face training in class, plus 60 hours of online study.

What will I receive once I’ve finished the course? 

When it’s time to graduate you’ll be an inspired, disciplined, confident and committed individual, with a valuable set of transferable skills and knowledge.

The course is designed to international standards, to deliver vital core skills needed to obtain employment with an airline and to aid success in the airlines initial training.

Aviation Australia graduates achieve the confidence, skills and inside-knowledge to showcase your potential to cabin crew recruiters.

Students in the Cabin Crew Preparation Course who successfully complete the online study will receive a statement of attainment for the following competencies which can be used towards a range of vocational qualifications:

  • AVIF0035: Manage human factors in aviation operations
  • AVIG2003: Work effectively in the aviation industry
  • AVII0004: Provide quality customer service

What kind of environment do I train in?

Courses are conducted within multimillion dollar, state of the art, airline training facilities.

With this we utilise the very same training aids and equipment that airlines use to train their cabin crew and pilots. Appreciating this equipment and technology is not cheap to neither purchase nor maintain, our competitive fees encompass the operational requirements of the course delivery, alongside the utilisation of phenomenal facilities in order to be able to provide the real-world experience that Aviation Australia is renowned for.

When do I have to pay for the course?

A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to secure your place on your chosen course. This deposit is to be paid upfront at the time of enrolment via bank transfer or by calling our sales consultant.

Once the initial deposit has been paid you can call us to make regular payments over the phone. This option helps you manage the course cost over time. Full payment must be paid two weeks prior to the course commencement.

How do I know if I’m considered a domestic or international student?

If you hold Australian or New Zealand Citizenship, Permanent Residency or Bridging Visas you are a Domestic Student.

All other students are International Students and must meet the International Entry requirements.

Am I guaranteed employment?

As with any University or TAFE we are unable to guarantee employment, however we do have an Employment Service team and Job Search Database available to all students and graduates.

Our team is there to best assist with the preparation of resume and cover letters, interview techniques and job search skills. The database enables email updates of airlines and or associated industries that are recruiting for students/graduates to review and apply for.

Can I do this course if I just want to build my skills and knowledge?

Absolutely! Aviation Australia has had students undertake the training for the purpose of gaining confidence and transferable skills in a professional way. There is no pressure to pursue a career as a Flight Attendant and you will still have support from our employment services team.

Whist our course focuses on preparing students for a career as a Flight Attendant, many of the skills acquired are transferable into other industries such as hospitality, travel and tourism.

Do I need to wear a uniform while studying with Aviation Australia?

All Aviation Australia students are required to wear a uniform that reflects the attire of a Flight Attendant. It is expected that the student complies with the grooming standards set by Aviation Australia for the duration of their training and when attending airline interviews.

The uniform is purchased by the student at their own expense from a store of their choice and is worn from day one throughout the duration of the course.

Aviation Australia will provide a scarf or tie to complete the uniform which is reflective of the presentation standard required by airlines in the industry.

Upon achieving and graduating from your course you will be presented with your graduation ‘wings’.

English is not my first language, can I still do the course?

If English is not your first language, an English proficiency test may be required.

A phone interview may be conducted prior to enrolling and undertaking your course.

I have questions in regards to my height, tattoos, age, medical situation and whether I can gain employment in Australia.

Aviation Australia does not have a specific height, reach, medical, maximum age, residency/citizenship or visible tattoo requirements upon enrolment. These requirements are airlines specific.

Some airlines may also require evidence that you are able to swim 50+ meters unaided as part of the industry entry requirements, prior to employment.

Aviation Australia will do its best to prepare you for the aviation industry. In preparation, we recommend that students study their airline of choice in relation to their specific requirements.

I am not a New Zealand or Australian Passport holder, am I able to apply for employment within Australia?

Domestic and International airlines based in Australia, usually require applicants to hold either an Australian/New Zealand Permanent Residency or Citizenship. Many Aviation Australia students go onto secure employment with a number of international airlines based around the world.

Am I able to receive VET fee help for my studies?

The Cabin Crew Career Training courses are not eligible for Vet-Fee help assistance.

Does Aviation Australia offer student accommodation?

No, however there are several accommodation options that our in-house Student Services Department recommends.

To discuss options that may be suitable to your preference, please contact our team.

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Please contact us for further support and information.