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Cabin Crew Career Training

Flight Safety Training Centre

Our Cabin Crew Career Training courses provide you with the confidence, skills and inside-knowledge to showcase your potential to cabin crew recruiters.

Aviation Australia’s Flight Safety Training Centre is the Asia-Pacific region’s first independent flight attendant training facility and is fully equipped to deliver the best training in the industry, with a full practical hall area, as well as a large pool.

We have two course options available:

Cabin Crew Preparation Course

This course runs over 4 weeks full time face to face or 12 weeks part time face to face and includes 60 hours of online training. The first two weeks (or 6 weeks part time) is the Cabin Crew Employment Course which focuses on resume writing and interview techniques needed to ensure you stand out and nail your interview in this competitive industry giving you the best chance to secure employment with your chosen airline.

The following two weeks focusses on the practical skills needed to be cabin crew and includes modules such as onboard service, emergency procedures and aircraft familiarisation to name a few. This part of the course is where all the fun happens as we will run you through real-life emergency situations in our training facilities and ensure you’re prepared and confident if you’re lucky enough to start ground school with your chosen airline.

View the course outline – Cabin Crew Career Training Course Outline

Cabin Crew Employment Course

This course runs over 2 weeks full time or 6 weeks part time and focusses on gaining employment as cabin crew by ensuring you are well prepared when applying for cabin crew positions as well as the interview process.


The online component included in the Cabin Crew Preparation Course provides the below competencies: 

– AVIF0014: Manage human factors in aviation operations

– AVIG2002: Work effectively in the aviation industry

– AVII0002: Provide quality customer service





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