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Cabin crew students hired directly out of training

Whilst undertaking a Certificate II in Aviation (Flight Operations) conducted February – March, 06 of 18 Aviation Australia Sydney students have been successful in gaining employment directly out of training with several renowned airlines.

Offers from domestic, international and regional airlines were made to the selected students in February.

The jobs were open to the public, confirming that the student’s education at Aviation Australia successfully equipped them with the comprehensive industry knowledge, skills and experience that was needed to set them apart from other applicants.

Aviation Australia’s world class training facilities, skilled instructors and excellent employment services provided the students with the confidence to pursue the career advancement.

Students were educated with essential elements of the Certificate II prior to their offers, including: grooming and deportment training, safety and security training, emergency procedure training, aircraft familiarisation, interview skills and resume writing.

’Our Cabin Crew instructors with more than 30 years of collective industry experience ensure that students are prepared and confident for airline assessment days with their interviews skills and professional resumes at current industry standard,’ said Harsha Patel, Operations Manager Flight Safety Training.

’Coupled with the support from our Employment Services department who specialise in resume and cover letter writing, interview techniques and job search skills, our instructor team who have come from the industry as crew members themselves ­– our students and graduates feel valued, confident and industry ready,’ said Laura McQuilkin, Airline Training and Business Development Consultant.

Aviation Australia’s working relationship with Altara is also beneficial to students, increasing graduates chance of employment through the help of their quality recruitment and employment advice.

Aviation Australia is confident that the remaining ten students will be successful in gaining employment through their recruitment driver efforts.

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