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Aviation runs in the Tafuna’i family

Isabella Tafuna’i studied avionics at AA and now works with Virgin Australia

Three siblings from the Tafuna’i family have graduated from Aviation Australia over the past four years. Brothers Elijah and Jared Tafuna’i and sister Isabella have all had their turn studying at the Aviation Australia Brisbane campus.

Elijah Tafuna’i was the first to graduate back in 2014, completing the Aeroskills mechanical course. Elijah has just completed his apprenticeship with Jetstar is now working as an aircraft maintenance engineer.

Isabella Tafuna’i completed the Aeroskills avionics course in 2017 and is currently working at Virgin Australia, on their Wi-Fi project. It was a long-time aspiration of Bellas to enter into the aviation industry as an avionics aircraft maintenance engineer.

Isabella mentioned that being able to gain more of an understanding on aircraft avionics systems through theory while at AA was a personal highlight of the course.

She is currently working at Virgin Australia as an avionics trainee on their connectivity project which involves working on the entire fleet of 737-800’s, 777’s and soon to be 737 MAX 10’s.

‘For each of the aircraft we spend 3 days stripping the cabin and installing the wiring and antenna modification with an additional day spent mainly on testing and if needed, troubleshooting,’ Isabella explains.

‘I love being able to put what I’d learnt through the course into action. Working on aircraft provides the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of each system.’

When asked why the Tafuna’i family were all interested in aviation, Isabella said ‘I think for each of us, it started with a different reason and as we gain more exposure, our passion and desire to chase our future in aviation grows more and more.’

Jared Tafuna’i recently graduated from the Aeroskills mechanical 1-18 course and is currently seeking an apprenticeship.

Jared Tafuna’i (pictured right) recently graduated the Aeroskills mechanical 1-18 course


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