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Aviation Australia’s engineers invent training aid modifications to create further airline training opportunities

Two ingenious Aviation Australia engineers saw a unique opportunity to convert an existing B777 door trainer in our Flight Safety Training hall into a B787 which would allow new airline training opportunities as well as demonstrate that Aviation Australia is keeping pace with advances in Airline training and design.

The B787 door is new in the market which meant the components needed to be custom made by Aviation Australia engineers.

The key requirements of the project included:

  • Creating a door trainer that accurately replicates that used on a B787
  • Requires the functionality to be easily converted from B777 to B787 and vice versa so it can be used by multiple clients
  • Clients could apply to receive certification from CASA to be used as a training aid
  • Meets the company requirement to use latest technology products

The project took 6 months from start to completion with multiple attempts to perfect the modifications. It was through innovation and the persistence of our engineers, Rob Cornish and Craig Woods, that this project was able to be completed.

We are happy to announce that a major airline received CASA approval to commence B787 training on the device and will continue to use the training door to train their staff.

A huge well done to Craig and Rob who thought outside the box and persevered in what was a challenging project.


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