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Aviation Australia works with China’s Chengdu Aeronautic Polytechnic College

Aviation Australia is quickly spreading its international footprint, now working with the Chinese aviation industry. Standing as the only aviation education provider that was approved by the Chinese Government for an aviation project in the Sichuan province this financial year, Aviation Australia assisted with the development of an aviation trade-engineering course.

Aviation Australia recently worked with Chengdu Aeronautic Polytechnic College (CAP) to develop a European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) approved B1.1 and B2 course. This project became Aviation Australia’s first project within Chengdu and their second major project within China.

Three Aviation Australia staff members spent six weeks in China, working with the CAP College Vice Dean’s of the School of Aviation Engineering, Mr. He Xianding and Ms. Huang Aihua. The team worked on product development of the engineering course, as well as training CAP staff in the courseware development process.

“We trained them to develop specific regulatory module components of the course. We also assisted them in creating the student resources, instructional material, question banks, and practical tools, as well as assuring that the Training Needs Analysis (TNA) tool had appropriate decisions and data recorded in it,” stated Gordon Brown, Aviation Australia Product Design and Development Manager.

The Aviation Australia team were based in Chengdu from 17 October until the 24 November, 2017 to work on the project. There is expectancy that Aviation Australia will return to China to review the course modules in August 2018. CAP College is aiming to begin delivery of the course towards the end of 2018.

During their stay, the Aviation Australia team members were treated to seeing China’s pandas, province history and experiencing some of Chengdu’s delicious food. One team member attended a leadership camp which involved hiking through Chengdu’s countryside and a cable car ride. This leadership camp also provided the unique opportunity to network with CAP College’s 30 instructors and executives.

Aviation Australia continues to expand its international footprint, currently working within Asia, South Pacific Africa and the United Arab Emirates.




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