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Aviation Australia welcomes Japan Aviation Academy students on tour

Students from the Japan Aviation Academy joined Aviation Australia for two weeks, to learn English and practice Flight Safety Training.

Ten students visited Aviation Australia as part of an exchange program in which students study the English language, supported by living in a Western environment.

“We teach the students English on their two week program and they also receive insight into our flight attendant course,” said Harsha Patel, Operations Manager of Flight Safety Training, Aviation Australia.

“Whilst we cover some theory we mainly undertake practical tasks with the students such as the slide emergency evacuation procedure and grooming.”

The students have prospects of becoming Flight Attendants and find the exchange to Aviation Australia has improved their career prospects.

“I would like to work for Korean Air on international flights so it’s great to gain insight into countries beyond Japan and to learn more of the English language, this will assist me when I am looking for a job,” said Shiori Ishihara, student at Japan Aviation Academy.

The students have also enjoyed touring Aviation Australia’s world-class facilities; receiving an exclusive tour of the operational hangars and sitting in the cockpit of an aircraft.

“I think seeing the hangar was really cool, we got to see a lot of behind-the-scenes action that we normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to see. We sat in the cockpit of a plane and took lots of photos – this has been my favourite part so far,” shared Erin Miyahara, student at Japan Aviation Academy.

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Japan Aviation Academy students: Shiori Ishihara & Erin Miyahara


Japan Aviation Academy students

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