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Aviation Australia graduate secures apprenticeship with Boeing

Jermayne RomaJermayne Roma visits the AA Hanger at Aviation Australia

Jermayne Roma, former student at Aviation Australia has successfully secured an apprenticeship with Boeing Defence Australia after completing his Certificate IV in Aeroskills – Mechanical in 2017. He is currently working on the Royal Australian Air Force’s fleet of Boeing-built E-7A Wedgetail aircraft; a state-of-the-art system providing powerful airborne surveillance, communications and battle management.

He started his aviation career by completing his Flight Attendant training at Aviation Australia. Straight after completing the course Jermayne secured a position at a well known Australian airline for 8 years. Throughout those 8 years his interest shifted towards the mechanical side of aviation. He returned to Aviation Australia to study his Certificate IV in Aeroskills – Mechanical. Throughout his studies he gained industry experience working with Airbus helicopters.

Before securing his current role Jermayne had applied for several apprenticeships before hearing about the position at Boeing. Lyn Sank, Customer Sales and Employment Coordinator at Aviation Australia, encouraged and helped him to apply.

Jermayne spoke about his time studying his Certificate IV in Aeroskills – Mechanical at Aviation Australia, as well offering some advice about how he achieved his current apprenticeship at renowned aerospace organisation, Boeing Defence Australia.

“My interest in aviation opened pathways into the industry, starting out in the air sparked my interest into the mechanics of an aircraft. I learnt so much at Aviation Australia and there was so much more involved in the course than I had originally thought,” Jermayne said.

Jermayne spoke about the support he received when it came to finding a job in the industry.

“I had applied for a few apprenticeships until I secured my current role at Boeing Defence Australia. My advice would be to not become complacent, if you have a new goal or dream, go for it, back yourself and use the help of career services that is available to you at Aviation Australia’.

Jermayne’s almost completed the first year of his apprenticeship, his goal is to finish his apprenticeship and become a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer at Boeing Defence Australia.

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