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Aviation Australia delivers quality aircraft engineering training

Engineering.Web_.Banner2_miniAviation Australia is Australia’s premier education organisation specialising in aviation training and the largest aircraft maintenance engineering training provider in the Southern Hemisphere. The company was established by the Queensland Government to deliver high quality training for aircraft maintenance engineers.

Aviation Australia’s aircraft maintenance engineering courses provide students with compliant, accredited training of a high quality and at a sensible price. All Aviation Australia programs are designed with a balanced focus between theory and practical training, ensuring that graduates enter employment with strong skills and a thorough understanding of aviation quality, safety and environmental standards. 

“Although over the years, aircraft have become far more reliable, they have also become more complex, requiring enhanced skills and discipline to ensure the safety, reliability and sustainability of air transportation,” stated Bill Horrocks, Chief Executive Officer of Aviation Australia.

“The dedicated and experienced team of instructors, assessors and support staff at Aviation Australia are committed to meeting the requirements of all regulatory approvals and ensuring the next generation of aircraft maintenance engineers are equipped with the competence and responsibility required to succeed in this field.”

The aircraft maintenance engineering courses are government-subsidised in Queensland, Victoria and the Northern Territory, making the pathway to becoming an engineer very affordable for residents of those states. Aviation Australia is working with industry and government to establish government-funded courses in other states so that subsidised, quality training can be delivered across Australia. 

Aviation Australia’s approvals include:

» European Aviation Safety Authority Part 147 Maintenance Training Organisation

» General Civil Aviation Authority Part 147 Maintenance Training Organisation

» Civil Aviation Safety Authority Part 147 Maintenance Training Organisation

» Civil Aviation Safety Authority Part 142 Flight Training Organisation

» Civil Aviation Safety Authority CAR-30 Maintenance Repair Organisation

» Macao Part 147 Maintenance Training Organisation

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