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Skills & Recognition

Aviation Australia offers an opportunity for qualified aircraft maintenance engineers and aviation maintenance workers to have previous studies, qualifications & experience assessed for certification against: Aircraft Maintenance Engineer trade (Aeroskills) qualifications &/or CASR Part 66 Licensing (EASA Part 66 Equivalent) This process is referred to as Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL.

Trade & Licensing 

Skills Recognition for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers 

Aircraft maintenance Engineer trade qualifications in Australia are controlled under the MEA11 Aeroskills Training Package. Registered Training Organisations are approved to conduct training and assessment against and ultimately issue this qualification.

CASA’s CASR Part 66 licensing regulation has replaced the previous CAR 31 regulation. CASA have relinquished the responsibility of carrying out licencing assessment against CASR Part 66 to Recognised Organisations (Part 147).

The procedure in securing RPL entails:
• Application to Aviation Australia, a CASA approved training organisation
• Assessment of application, report provided to applicant
• Training, Examination & Experience where required
• Certification provided
• Application to CASA where licensing is desired

 Contact us about aircraft maintenance engineer skills recognition.

The Process

The below fees cover enrolment, initial RPL assessment and report, journal of experience and certification to both the candidated and CASA. 

Certificate II in Aircraft Line Maintenance (A Category Licence)* $1,100
Certificate IV in Aeroskills* $1,500
Diploma of Aeroskills (B Category Licence)* $2,000
Removal of Exclusions for CASR 66 $600
*If you are a previous student of Aviation Australia's pre-vocational Aeroskills course then you may be eligible for a discount on your enrolment. 

Upon receipt of the relative assessment fee, the applicant will be provided with an RPL pack requesting as much information as possible to be submitted for assessment including all evidence of previous qualification(s) and experience, plus any relevant graduate and post graduate courses or training completed.

From this assessment the applicant will receive a Recognition Report. The report determines where an individual stands towards gaining the qualification or AME licence nominated and lists additional:
• Studies / examinations required & 
• Additional experience required

Applicants have the opportunity to provide further evidence (academic or experience) once the report is received.

NOTE: Applicants should ensure that additional evidence provided is comprehensive to support the issue of a revised report. Any further submissions of evidence after this process is concluded will attract an additional $100 assessment fee


Candidates enrol with Aviation Australia to be assessed against one or more of the following:

Certificate II in Aircraft Line Maintenance

(CASR Part 66 A Category Licence)

Certificate IV in Aeroskills 

  • Avionics
  • Mechanical
  • Structures

Diploma of Aeroskills

(CASR PArt 66 B Category Licence)
  • Avionics
  • Mechanical

Removal of Exclusions for CASR 66

Category A

  • A1 - Turbine Aeroplane
  • A2 - Piston Aeroplane
  • A3 - Turbine Helicopter
  • A4 - Piston Helicopter

Category B1

  • B1.1 - Turbine Aeroplane
  • B1.2 - Piston Aeroplane
  • B1.3 - Turbine Helicopter
  • B1.4 - Piston Helicopter

Category B2

  • B2 – Avionics

Also Available

Please contact Aviation Australia directly to find out more about the below available enrolments:

Certificate II in Aeroskills

  • Avionics
  • Mechanical
  • Structures 



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