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Aviation Australia provides EASA and CASR training and examinations assisting organisations to have their aircraft maintenance personnel licensed under internationally recognised Part 66 requirements or have existing licensed personnel converted to Part 66.

Part 66 Programs

Aviation Australia's capability extends to training which supports the licensing requirements of:

  • EASA Part 66 (Europe)
  • CASR Part 66 (Australia)

This engineering training is available through:

  • traditional classroom delivery & examination;
  • online studies and examination or
  • blended online and traditional classroom revision delivery

EASA Part 66

European Aviation Safety Agency eligibility for Part 66 licensing for existing engineers is determined by:

  • an individual's experience as an aircraft maintenance engineer &;
  • confirming that the individual has completed the approved EASA examinations relevant to the licence Category applied for.
Aviation Australia provides training and examinations globally preparing individuals who are experienced as aircraft maintenance engineers for EASA examinations. This involves either:
  • delivery of modules in an accelerated format to revise content or;
  • studying modules online prior to examinations
Accelerated programs provide delivery of the full theoretical component for:
  • B1.1 Turbine Aeroplane
  • B1.3 Turbine Helicopter
  • B2 Avionics
  • A1 Turbine Aeroplane

Aviation Australia also has capability to provide training prior to examination to assist in lifting existing EASA licence limitations. These programs can be conducted flexibly and at the client's site or Aviation Australia's Brisbane International Airport facilities.

CASR Part 66

Aviation Australia provides approved Part 147 basic engineering training services in the Part 66 categories of: 

Category Approval
B1.1 Turbine Aeroplane CASA / EASA
B1.2 Piston Aeroplane CASA
B1.3 Turbine Helicopter CASA / EASA
B1.4 Piston Helicopter CASA
B2 Electrical & Avionics CASA / EASA

Supporting Products

Practical Experience Programs

Practical programs concentrate on troubleshooting of system failures and subsequent rectification on both real aircraft and simulators. Your RPL process will determine the industry experience you may need to acquire. Aviation Australia can design a practical training program to acquit that experience requirement.

Flexible Training Programs

All Part 66 subjects are available for study online. Part 66 subjects may be studied through:

  • Online study guides provide the opportunity for you as an individual to self study Part 66 subjects in preparation for examination(s) or
  • Through our virtual E classroom where you will have access to online study guides and chat forums plus online and telephone instructor access during normal working hours.

PART 66 Examinations

Examinations can be undertaken at Aviation Australia (Brisbane & Cairns) and at Polytechnic West (Perth). Students may also apply to Aviation Australia to have examination sittings conducted at nominated venues across Australia (criteria acceptance and additional charges may apply).



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