Welcome to the World of a Flight Attendant

Over the last few years the role of flight attendant has seen a resurgence in popularity and prestige, thanks to many TV shows and movies. Additionally, this career has greatly evolved into a highly efficient and professional position. The evolution of this career can be directly attributed to better flight attendant training programs around the world. One of the leaders in this type of career training in the country is Aviation Australia. A premiere aviation institution, Aviation Australia has helped over 1,000 graduates gain employment and has dozens of direct relationships with local and global airlines.

If you are a healthy resident of Australia or hold the appropriate tourist/student visa and over the age of 18, you can enrol into this institution by simply going to their official website and filling out an application form or contacting them via phone. Once you have begun the enrolment process, you must decide on which type of training you will undertake: full time, part time or online. Each program has a different duration and a different location. You could be taking flight attendant training in Brisbane or Cairns depending on the closest location to you.

Additionally, the duration of each program is different. Full-time students train for 8 weeks, part time students for 12 weeks, and online students can take as long as they need to but are required to complete two weeks of practical training before successful certification.

All three programs, within the certification, offer the same course work. These courses feature: an introduction to aviation, safety procedures, first aid, in-flight security and more. Additionally, you will go through various scenarios and simulations.

As a flight attendant you can travel the world, seeing places you have only dreamed of, and experiencing cultures you have never even heard of. You can vacation in beautiful locations or visit popular tourist attractions. This career is rewarding not just because of all the travelling but because you will build solid working relationships and friendships as well as a long and stable career.

The great thing about flight attendant training with Aviation Australia is that you can continue to build upon your education through higher level courses. Once you have obtained your certification and some experience in the industry, you can easily go back and take a few more courses that will help improve your resume and your career. With extra training, you will become more than just a member of the cabin crew. Opportunities to become a flight or cabin crew manager can be easily obtained with a solid background in flight attendant training.

Contact Aviation Australia now for more information on their flight attendant courses.

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