Welcome to the World of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Take your engineering skills to a whole new level by entering into a career as an aircraft maintenance engineer. This position is in high demand with airlines from all over the world. This career offers exciting challenges working with a wide range of aircrafts and the latest cutting edge technology. Before you can begin work with an airline you must successfully complete a training program. Aviation Australia offers a premiere training program for aircraft maintenance engineering in Australia.

To enter this career, you must be at least 16 years old, a resident of Australia, completed at least year 10 and you must also be proficient in a variety of key subjects like math, science and other industrial type technologies.

Aviation Australia offers a comprehensive training program that will prepare you for a long lasting career as an aircraft maintenance engineer. Once you successfully complete the program, you will have a good background on the theory required before beginning an apprenticeship. You can choose from one of three topics in this program: avionics, mechanical and structure.
Avionics involves technical skills like IT, navigation and other related technology skills. Mechanical focuses on things like building or repairing engines, hydraulic systems and more. Structure involves building or repairing the aircraft’s structure. The avionics and mechanical programs last 38 weeks, while structure lasts 34 weeks. All three training programs will begin in January, 2013 and take place in Brisbane or Cairns depending on your location.
Before you can successfully complete the program, you will have to undergo an apprenticeship which often takes 3 years and 3 months. Aviation Australia also offers short courses and accelerated training topics for engineers already in the industry who are looking to further advance their careers and qualifications  or obtain licenses to work on specific aircrafts.
To get started in this exciting venture, you can either contact Aviation Australia to inquire about enrolling or you can apply online and a representative will contact you.

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